Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 1, 2006

Rhythm from the ... dream!

Ya cant know!
Ya cant see!
Ya cant under'rr'stand me!

was what I shouted in my dream, tonight. There was many dreams before, but this is the one with full of rhythms and words.

At the begining, I was lost in my very familiar place, seems to be the Đ.T.Đ. highschool, but with all of strangers, the ones that I'd never known, the foreigners, etc. So I was running from places to places, from buildings to buildings, climbing from floors to floors, and moving from classes to classes, from rooms to rooms ... to say many raps (in a rapid rhythm). Seems that what I said is to explain my ideas, to express my feelings, but no one heard; they gathered together... without me, and when I came to sing at them, they turned their faces away!

And at the end, I was on the top floor of the old building in a large room, in where there was a girl, a friend of mine; and I sang the chorus to her. The chorus was sung very strong and hard, maybe only with the voice in dreams (my real voice is not so high); the peek was so high and the "valley" was so low.

After that, there seemed to be some short dreams, in where I repeated the chorus and parts of the rap talk. I've waken up slowly... and now I can only remember the peek of the song, which I write at the top of this post. (Maybe that was the clearest and the most repeated words & rhythm.)

Actually, there have been many hard dreams like that. The dreams are not like my conscious! If when conscious, I know that I have to accept that, I should obey the rules, then in the dreams, I break all of them off. I usually say "That's normal !", "That's no problem !", but in the dreams, I get angry with them, I beat the foolish teachers up, and so on.... Maybe, these dreams are just places for me to release my stress. But tonight's dream is the first one from where I can actually get something out, a rhythm of a song!

Thứ Sáu, 6 tháng 1, 2006

Cold in the Winter

In the winter,
I can feel it cold
It's cold outside
and it's cold inside!

A day no eating,
I can feel hungry
hungry my stomach
and hungry my heart!

Now even my best friend
cannot und'stand me!
She repeats exactly just the words of others;
How cold it is, how hurt it cut me
deep inside my heart....

Just like my brother
to oppose my plan,
to say it's a waste
of.... MONEY.

What the hell it is!

-- me - Halsade --